About Us

We are an eSports Tournament Hub

Battle of Legends is
build for the gamers, to the gamers and by the gamers.
We aim at bringing the best out of every gamer
and creating a world class gaming experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a competative environment for the gamers, where they can learn, enhance their skills and can become competive enough to adopt gaming as thier full time career. We aim at creating platform where everthing is about gaming and creating a classy gaming experience. Not only eSports, but Fantasy Leagues, 1on1 Matching, Customized Formats, many more things are being cooked with in the walls of
Battle of Legends.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to introduce and take India to the top of gaming sectors. We aim at delivering quality gaming experience, professional gamers and innovative games to the gaming sectors in the coming years which will take India to newer heights in the gaming sector. We are working hard to make India - The Gaming Hub of World. And We believe that we can achieve our dream, make INDIA proud by working hard and passionately and through
Battle of Legends.

Our Values

At BOLs we believe and follow these sets of values:-
1. Country Always Comes First.
2. Competative and Fare Gaming
3. Always be friend with Time
4. Gamers/Customers should be the priority
5. Say No to Cheating & Hacking,
6. Team work and Team Building
7. Play Daily and Win Daily :-)

Time has come to unleash the gamer in you
Become PRO, Become a proud BOLSIAN